Longmont Emergency Unit provides a wide scope of emergency response and technical rescue services to Boulder County and the surrounding communities.

Emergency Response Services include but not limited to:

Search and Rescue

                COLT (Colorado Life Trak)

                Urban search for missing endangered children and adults

                Wilderness search for missing persons

Swift Water Rescue

                Rescue of persons in rivers, floodwaters, or other swift water conditions

                Rigging and recovery of vehicle in swift water conditions

Surface Ice Rescue

                Rescue of persons and animals that have fallen through ice

                Rigging and recovery of vehicles that are on or partially through ice

Dive Response

                Underwater evidence search and recovery

                Under ice dive operations

                Rigging and recovery of vehicles underwater

                Underwater victim search and recovery

Rope Rescue

                Cross river evacuation (highline operations)

                High angle operations

                Low angle operations

                Tower and rope access recue

Response to Traffic Accidents

                Initial scene size up

    Initial medical support (patient care)


                Scene Lighting

                Traffic and crowd control

Fire Response

                Structural / wildland response

                Cascade support

                Rehab operations

                Medical monitoring / standby

                Assisting with fire ground operations

                Scene lighting

Evidence Recovery

                Metal detector searches

                Grid searches

                Scene lighting

                Underwater operations

               Traffic control for accident reconstruction

SWAT Incident Response

                Traffic and crowd control on outer perimeter